• Divorce and Children (Parental Authority, Custody, Visitation, the Hague Convention)
  • Claims for Damages (Medical or Traffic Accidents, etc.)
  • Estate and Inheritance Cases (Wills, Partition of Estate, International inheritance, etc.)

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Atago Toranomon Law Office was established by attorney Takao Tanase, who taught for many years at Kyoto University and who also has experience teaching at leading American universities such as Harvard and Michigan.

At Atago Toranomon Law Office, attorneys who have a proven track record in areas such as corporate and international legal services meet corporate demand for diverse legal services with a high level of professionalism.

While making the most of the specializations that each attorney has developed over the course of his career, we form a team and address each matter as a unified firm and by actively communicating with each other.

Companies operate their businesses by making maximum efforts to reduce transaction costs and streamline management resources. We believe that our firm’s mission is to aid in the management efforts of such companies by providing a high level of legal services.
To do so, we make constant efforts to improve our own knowledge and skills, and aim to work with the client to plan for the best resolution by accurately grasping the actual circumstances of each transaction.
Moreover, litigation also hinges on how zealous the attorney is in meticulously gathering the facts and making strong arguments. We will never be outdone in such zealousness.

We provide legal services by turning these strong points of our firm to the advantage of our clients, so please do not hesitate to call on us.

Representative Attorney
Takao Tanase

Representative Attorney Takao Tanase

Representative Attorney
Takao Tanase

About The Firm

24F Atago Greenhills Mori Tower
2-5-1 Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6224
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