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Representative Attorney Takao Tanase

Although he passed the bar examination, after graduating university, he first became a research assistant at The University of Tokyo, and thereafter, while teaching at Kyoto University, Harvard University, Chuo University, and other institutions, he devoted himself to research in order to build bridges in particular between statutory interpretation and judicial procedures, practical aspects of the practice of law as an attorney, and fundamental legal theory.

When he first moved from teaching to the practice of law as an attorney, an article that he wrote comparing the status of the law on post-divorce parent-child relations in Japan with that of foreign countries caught the eye of people who suffered due to being separated from their offspring. His wife dealt with the same issue from the standpoint of psychology, and many clients came to him with cases concerning children and divorce.

At the same time that he set about resolving those cases with a strong conviction and sense of mission, he decided to move his office to Hibiya and engage in earnest in the international and corporate legal services that are his areas of expertise.

Even now his analytical abilities and knowledge of comparative law that he developed through many years of wide-ranging research serve him in his work as an attorney. As well as gaining a comprehension of legal issues by researching Japanese and foreign literature, while constructing theories to solve those issues, he works on client matters with zest.


  • Tokyo University (LL.B.)
  • Assistant Professor at Nagoya University Law School
  • Professor and Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University
  • Professor at Chuo Law School
  • Visiting professor at Harvard Law School
  • Visiting professor at University of Michigan
  • Visiting professor at University of California
  • Established Tanase Law Office

Attorney Mamoru Endo

Since joining Tanase Law Office, attorney Endo has engaged mainly in business law and matters involving Indian legal affairs. He has been on secondment to the Indian law firm Chadha & Co. since January 2015, and he provides services with respect to Indian law matters while maintaining a firm foundation with respect to matters outside of Indian law.
It is extremely rare for a Japanese attorney to be based in India. Attorney Endo engages in Indian corporate law matters, joint ventures and M&A along with a wide variety of other areas such as tax, labor, corruption, criminal, insolvency and other matters, and he draws on this experience to help Japanese companies minimize business risk by making the “unexpected” the “expected” for those clients in India, a country where events that are unexpected for a Japanese person can occur on a daily basis.


  • 2009Waseda University (LL.B.)
  • 2011Waseda Law School (J.D.)
  • 2013Tanase Law Office
  • 2013Academic advisor for Waseda Law School Legal Research Course
  • 2015Secondment to Chadha & Co., a law firm in India


  • Tokyo Bar Association Committee on Law of International Transactions

Advisor Shigeki Morinobu


  • 1973Graduated Kyoto University Faculty of Law
  • 1973Entered Ministry of Finance
  • 1997Director of the General Affairs Division of the Tax Bureau
  • 2004Visiting professor at Princeton University and Columbia Law School
  • 2005President of Ministry of Finance’s Policy Research Institute
  • 2006Professor at Chuo University’s Graduate School of Law
  • 2009Chairperson of the Japan Tax Institute